Freelance photographer based out of Northern Virginia specializing in portraits, fitness, events, and commercial work.



From the first photo I ever took, I knew where my heart was. Photographing people captures a moment that can’t be recreated but can last forever.


From attending music festivals to being backstage with the bands, I've found that the energy in shooting artists of a different kind is a necessary focus. 


From experimenting on the sidelines with my camera to now working for a local gym as a photographer, it took until now to put together my collection of favorite images. Photos taken at the Burr Strength & Performance facility in Purcellville, Virginia.


Although this selection is small, I have found a niche in car photography with hopes to gradually grow a full portfolio. 



Hey, I'm Vera

I believe in taking photos in between photos. There, I have the opportunity to do more than just take your photo, but to document who you are and tell your story.